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                                        About the name "K U R U V I N D U M"


KURUVINDUM   -- This is a name that we created because we wanted a name that was unique and had a contemporary resonance. Plus, we wanted the name to convey a sense of value and (linguistically speaking) straddle the ancient as well as the modern. 



We started with “Kuruvinda” which is the ancient Sanskrit name for a Ruby.  


As words do, it changed over the years to "Korundum”, and thence to the current English name "Corundum".


Kuruvindum is a synthesis of the original Sanskrit name along with its modern English equivalent ("Kuruvind" from the Sanskrit  "Kuruvinda"  + "um" from the English "Corundum" gives "Kuruvindum ").





So what have we achieved here? We have a (derived) name that meets two out of the three criteria mentioned above:-


(1) First, it is rooted in the ancient through one of it’s two parents -- the Sanskrit language word “Kuruvinda". It also has a modern linkage through its other parent -- the modern English word “Corundum”.


(2) Second, it also conveys value through it's twin linguistic linkages with a precious gemstone (Ruby  ). It is linked with the very ancient Sanskrit name for a Ruby ("Kuruvinda") as well as the contemporary English name for a Ruby ("Corundum").





That leaves one more criterion out of those mentioned above -- that the name should be unique. We took Google's assistance for checking out this uniqueness.


We ran the name "Kuruvindum" through the Google search engine. Typing “Kuruvindum” into the Search Bar on the Google home page returned a NIL output. So this name does meet the third criterion mentioned above -- of being unique.



KURUVINDUM & Google      


Till as late as the 12th of October 2007, typing “Kuruvindum” into the Search Bar on  the Google  home page invariably returned a NIL output. However, subsequent to 12th October 2007 the famed Google Search Spider picked up this website while crawling the web and has now indexed the site into the vast Google search results storage. So the NIL results shown above do not occur any longer from a Google search on "Kuruvindum", and instead the website gets cited in the search results


(Google search results for " Kuruvindum " as on 12th October 2007 shown below 




Did you mean : kuruvinda  


No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found.


Your search - kuruvindum - did not match any documents. 





·   Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

·   Try different keywords.

·   Try more general keywords.







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