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                                   THE VIRTUAL INCUBATOR



We offer a "Virtual Incubator" to people with great technology ideas but no business plan as yet.


It is an "Incubator" because we do incubate the technology-idea-based-startup. Incubation in this context means that we provide all possible inputs and value additions to the prospective entrepreneur who has an idea, but no prototype, no business plan etc. More details in the next section on the I2C transition.


It is a "Virtual Incubator" because unlike conventional Brick and Mortar Incubators, we do not provide a specific location, office etc for the prospective startup. Hence the self-description as "Virtual". Instead of providing a Brick & Mortar location, we preserve our energies, resources etc for other, potentially more valuable inputs that can help to guide, nurture and protect the entrepreneur.


On occasion, we have even felt that the physical comforts of conventional Brick and Mortar Incubators are perhaps a bit over-stated, and the knowledge based inputs we provide are equally, if not more, important. This is of course just a hunch. However, it would perhaps be an interesting academic exercise to gather more evidence to resolve this unproven conjecture. 


Instead of tying entrepreneurs to our location, we encourage them to seek space wherever they feel comfortable perhaps in their own equivalent of a certain very famous car garage located at 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, California, USA (see picture below).  


 A photograph of the garage as it looked in 1939




This is the garage where HP was founded in 1939 by William (Bill) R. Hewlett and David (Dave) Packard.  




The picture below shows William Hewlett and David Packard at the garage 50 years later (in 1989) when it was declared as an official landmark and as the birthplace of Silicon Valley.   


  "Just large enough for one car or two geniuses" 




Maybe we can help you to come up with the next HP!!

Take the first step by clicking here to access the next section on how we assist people in moving from  Ideas to Company.         




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