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                                   ABOUT "THE BEATLES"


Before proceeding further to understanding our investment proposal appraisal process, it needs to be mentioned that no evaluation process, no matter how meticulous, can ever be totally infallible. As an example, a story about the early years of the well known music group "The Beatles" :-



A story about "The Beatles"





The Beatles' journey from Liverpudlian obscurity  to worldwide fame and fortune (with not a little notoriety along the way too) has been well documented -- from their first album ("Please Please Me") to a seminal achievement ("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band") and thence to their last album ("Abbey Road"). 


What is not so well known is the story of their initial rejection. This episode is a good illustration of the above point about the inherent fallibility of any evaluation process, no matter how detailed.


"The Beatles" auditioned for Decca Records in January 1962 but were turned down because the company felt that the entire genre of guitar groups was not hot!! They got only rejections and disappointments for several more months thereafter. Finally, George Martin, a producer at Parlophone (then a subsidiary of EMI) gave them a chance which led to their first recording session on Sept. 4, 1962 at EMI. 





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