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                                   PROPOSAL SELF-DIAGNOSTIC




We encourage prospective entrepreneurs planning to approach us to first do a simple & quick self-diagnostic of their proposal on various pre-specified criteria to evaluate whether or not their idea has a good fit with our investment preferences.


This simple “go/no-go” self-evaluation exercise can conceivably end up saving a considerable amount of the entrepreneur's time -- since if the basic startup structure itself is at variance with our investment preferences ("no-go"), the entrepreneur need not unnecessarily spend his/her precious time and resources to submit the detailed information required by us for further appraisal.



Incidentally, even in the eventuality of the entrepreneur discovering a "no-go" scenario after a self-evaluation of his/her proposal, he/she is most welcome to approach us for guidance and suggestions in re-working the idea, plan etc. We do attempt to provide all possible guidelines/assistance on re-working the concept if the prospective entrepreneur so requests -- subject only to time constraints at our end.






This simple & quick self-evaluation of the business proposal essentially queries on some so-called pre-investment-proposal filters/hurdles. These open-ended queries are not necessarily sequential or even independent of each other – in fact, most entrepreneurs look at them as a holistic set.  


(a) Technology, Technology and Technology

Just to re-emphasize that we are very serious about Technology!!

At the angel investment stage, IP is generally the first asset that an entrepreneur brings to the table while discussing with us. As a matter of fact, some times the technology IP could even be the only asset that the entrepreneur brings to the negotiating table. From our point of view however, in all cases without exception the technology IP is definitely the most important input into our decision taking processes. 


(b) IP & Execution

These are certainly synergistic in an Enterprise Success Factors Matrix, but unfortunately are not necessarily causative vis-a-vis each other. Even a really great idea cannot easily succeed in the real-world environment in isolation, there needs to be some thought given to the execution plan as well. 


(c) Passion vs Practicality

A passionate commitment to the idea is welcome but so is practicality. Unfortunately, given that this is an imperfect world we all live in; "passion" needs to be backed by “practicality” to be monetisable.




A "no-go" scenario results if any or all of the above hurdles are not met. However, if the outcome is a "go" (i.e. the prospective entrepreneur is confident about all the above filters/hurdles), then he/she is requested to submit various details for evaluation and appraisal.


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