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                                  CAVEATS ON THE PROCESS




Before proceeding further to understanding our investment proposal appraisal process, there are some caveats, clarifications etc below that can help put the entire exercise in perspective.



FIRST -- What follows is just a very basic analytical framework. However, we have found that many times even this can provide value to the entrepreneur by focusing his/her thought processes on the essentials of a business plan and execution.


SECOND  The discussion on this website incorporates only very broad/general points, which may perhaps even seem self-evident to some. However, given the public nature of this forum, these points obviously can not include details that are proprietary and/or sensitive.


THIRD -- We are really not discussing Rocket Science here, so prospective entrepreneurs (who are generally a very bright group of people) should not feel under-estimated if some of the points sound a bit obvious and/or too simplistic. The really detailed analysis comes later, when we meet the entrepreneurs and discuss the points exhaustively.


FOURTH -- There are certain details that we may require as a part of the proposal appraisal exercise. Entrepreneurs are most welcome to think through and submit any or all of these points in part if, for example, they feel that they do not have complete information on all the points. However, we really would prefer that (barring exceptional circumstances), as complete a set of information is provided as asked for.


FIFTH -- There is always a certain amount of subjectivity and intuition involved in any decision of this sort. Any process is generally prone to "False Positive" as well as "False Negative" errors and in fact, no one and/or no process can have any claims to infallibility. See the anecdote about "The Beatles " on the previous page. 





As mentioned in an earlier section, we generally suggest that entrepreneurs intending to approach us for funding should first self-evaluate whether or not the idea has a good fit ("Go" or "No-Go") with our investment preferences.The entrepreneur can, for example, self-evaluate his/her proposal on certain parameters. Some such partameters are discussed in the next page. Please click below.




Click here to go directly to the Proposal Self Diagnostic page.




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