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(A) -------------------------------------------------- SITE HOME PAGES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



These are (in effect) "Gateway” pages.


The "WELCOME" page is what you would normally see first on accessing this site.

Clicking on this page leads to the "HOME" page from where you are prompted to access any of our activity segments.




> Opening Page



HOME -- Brief introductory note about our twin activity streams -- "Early Stage Investing" and "Nurturing Technology Start-ups ".

Provides hyperlinks to these two activity segments. Also provides two hyperlinks to access (i) I nformation for existing/prospective

Investors (LP’s) and (ii) a n overview of our Investment Philosophy & Operating Tenets.  

> Home






(B) --------------------------------------------------- INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY & OPERATING TENETS-----------------------------------------------------------



The opening page outlines the major tenets underlying our Operating and Investment approach. The page also has the option to open new windows that describe each of these tenets in greater detail. 



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY -- Overview of our Investment Preferences + the Tenets underlyimg our Operating Approach.

> Investment Philosophy (Section Opening Page)

> Operating Tenets

More details on individual tenets (as referred to in this page) can be opened in new windows (listed below).


>> Preference for a passive investment role – more details

>> No pre-delineated technology sectoral preferences – more details

>> Startup geographical location neutrality -- more details

>> Willingness to wait before monetizing investments – more details

>>> Brief outline of how start-up valuations can change over time

>> Quick decision taking on investment proposals – more details 

> End of Section & Further Website Options (Section Closing Page)






(C) --------------------------------------------------- NURTURING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY IDEAS -------------------------------------------------------------



This Page-cluster describes our work with entrepreneurs who may have a great technology idea but need help and guidance in commercializing it.




> Nurturing Ideas (Section Opening Page)

> People with Great Ideas 

> The Virtual Incubator

> Ideas to Company

> End of Section & Further Website Options (Section Closing Page)






(D)-------------------------------------------------------- EARLY STAGE INVESTING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------



This Page-cluster describes our early stage investing activity in technology based start-ups.



FOR TECH STARTUPS -- Information for technology startups seeking investment.

> Introduction for Tech Start-ups (Section Opening Page)

> About "The Beatles"

> Certain caveats & clarifications on the investment proposal evaluation process

> Pre-submission checklist for investment proposals

> Investment proposal submission

> End of Section & Further Website Options (Section Closing Page)






(E) -------------------------------------------------- FOR INVESTORS (LP's)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 



This page-cluster provides information that may be useful to existing or intending Investors (LP's).  



INVESTORS’ INFORMATION -- Details for investors (LP’s).   

Introduction for prospective investors (Section Opening Page)

> New Investor Induction 

> Brief discussion of investor profile

> Some investment related risk factors

> Outline of drivers underlying investment related risk factors

> End of Section & Further Website Options (Section Closing Page)






(F) -------------------------------------------------- FACILITATION PAGES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 



This Page-cluster consists of utility pages that are common to all the activity segments referred to above. For example the site navigation aids (such as FAQ's or the site guide), and the "Contact-us" page.  



FAQ'S -- Some Frequently Asked Questions.


> Various FAQ’s of interest

>> Understanding how Kuruvindum mentors people with great technology ideas

>> Getting financing from Kuruvindum for a technology-based startup

>> Exploring an association with Kuruvindum as an investor ("LP")

>> Information on Kuruvindum Investment Style & Operating Tenets 

>> Getting in touch with Kuruvindum

>> Kuruvindum -- Why such an unusual name & what does it mean



CONTACT -- Your feedback and patronage matter to us.

> Contact Details



SITE GUIDE – Site Map, Legal Disclaimers etc.

> Site Overview

> Site Map

> Disclaimer Statement


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