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MORE DETAILS ON >>> "We do not have any pre-delineated Technology Sectoral preferences."





Our investment interests lie at the Seed and Angel funding stages for technology start-ups. We also invest time and money in innovative technology ideas that may not necessarily be supported by a prototype or a business plan.  Obviously therefore, all the investments we make are in ideas or companies that are supported by a strong technology story.


Our investment decision process explicitly incorporates technology IP as a major input. Technology sectoral or sub-sectoral preferences generally do not come into play in this process. 





We recognize that in both our activity areas, technological IP is generally the most important asset that the entrepreneur starts with. We have therefore evolved detailed internal guidelines for technology evaluation and these guidelines are technology sector/sub-sector neutral.


Rather than having sectoral/sub-sectoral preferences, we instead try to understand the IP attributes on various other factors that relate to the technology-market interface, current & future competitive lead etc. Some examples:-


-- We prefer technologies that are advanced, but are not excessively "Blue-Sky".


-- We have a preference towards technologies that have an inherently longer developmental lead time vis-a-vis future rival technologies and that are preferably also fast-upgradeable. 


-- We prefer paradigm changing, potentially disruptive technologies.         





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