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MORE DETAILS ON >>> "A quick turnaround time (from initial contact to final "Yes/No" decision) in almost all cases."  




We take a lot of pride in the fact that, barring exceptional circumstances, we generally provide quick "Yes/No" decisions to investment or mentoring proposals.





This emphasis on a fast response is because of our belief that that a quick decision benefits the entrepreneur maximally by removing at least one source of uncertainty:-


 -- A "Yes" decision (especially if matched by an on-schedule funds disbursal!) frees him/her to focus on the business rather than on chasing financing.


 -- Even if the decision is a "No", informing the entrepreneur as early as possible enables him/her to begin exploring other finance sources.




Regardless of the final "Yes/No" answer, our evaluation process itself generally ends up contributing positively to the entrepreneurís business plans/perspectives. We try and provide feedback on the rejected proposals also. This can provide the entrepreneur a fresh insight into the business drivers and thus enables him/her to refocus on the essentials of the business plan, execution etc.





To cut the entrepreneur's wasted time to a minimum, we encourage him/her to self-evaluate whether or not the idea has a good fit ("Go" or "No-Go") with our investment preferences. This can be done even before approaching us with a detailed business plan, e.g. by doing a "Go/No-Go" business self-diagnostic on certain parameters we provide:-


 -- In case of a "No-Go", the entrepreneur is encouraged to rework the business model etc. If the entrepreneur so requests, we are also open to providing assistance in such a reworking of the business model etc.  


-- In case a "Go" scenario results, the entrepreneur is requested to submit detailed plans to us for evaluation/analysis, followed by further discussions etc.





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