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MORE DETAILS ON >>>  "Our preference is generally for a passive, pure investment role."




First a couple of caveats.


This preference for a "passive, pure investment role" applies, albeit to differing extents, to our (relatively conventional) investment activity, as well to our other (relatively unorthodox) activity of facilitating the "Idea to Company Transition" for people with great ideas (but no business plan, prototype etc).  Our involvement is relatively less passive in the latter case, but even in the former activity area, we are always available to provide mentoring and strategic/operational inputs, advice etc (e.g. if so requested by the entrepreneur and/or the investee company and generally on a purely honorary basis).




The above mentioned preference (for a "passive, pure investment role”) is driven by some very practical considerations e.g. the two described below.  


1 > The entrepreneur benefits -- avoiding micro-management

We strongly believe that that the entrepreneur knows his/her business best. The natural consequence is our equally deeply held belief that micro-management by us (or indeed by any other outside investor) is almost always a counter-productive management style. Our preference for a passive investment role implies that the entrepreneur is generally left free to manage his/her business without needless interference from our side in the day-to-day business minutiae.


2 > We too benefit -- conserving management bandwidth

There are various associated advantages that accrue to us through such a passive investment role (passive but, as mentioned above, coupled with providing guidance and/or advice whenever necessary/requested). For example, this enables us to conserve our management bandwidth. This in turn facilitates our focusing on higher-multiplier activities such as evaluating new investment opportunities, providing strategic guidance to existing investee companies (if & when so requested), keeping up with technology trends etc. 




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