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MORE DETAILS ON >>> " We do not have any limitations regarding the geographical location of the technology start-up."





This lack of any specific geographical preference is actually in perfect harmony, and in fact synergistic with, our preference for a passive investment role. As mentioned in the " Passive Investment " note, we prefer not to get involved in micro-management. Hence the startup's (or the ideator's) exact location obviously becomes irrelevant to that extent.






We are based in India. Therefore outside investments would  obviously involve more due diligence, documentation etc. This is required to ensure total compliance with the various statutes, procedures, guidelines etc as laid down by the Reserve Bank of India, the Central (Federal) Government etc.  


These regulations, procedures, guidelines etc are fairly fluid and get revised from time to time. The general trend over the past couple of decades (starting from mid-1990) has been towards greater liberalization, lesser controls on inward as well as outward forex remittances, and an increasingly closer integration with the global economy.




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