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                                   THE I2C TRANSITION



The I2C transition (from “Idea” to “Company”) is at the heart of what we help smart people with great ideas achieve.


We facilitate this transition through regular interactions with the entrepreneurs to guide them through the entire process.  Our interactions with participant-entrepreneurs thus commence much earlier than normal VC interactions since these are typically initiated at the idea stage itself. 


These interactions are not ivory-tower academic discussions, but structured, hands-on, focused and intense meetings. Each interaction builds upon the previous and reviews progress-to-date (+ against a previously agreed to time-line) , provides necessary advice and guidance, prioritizes activity sets etc.


The focus areas in these interactions keep on shifting, and generally depend on the lifecycle stage of the startup. The example below illustrates how the focus areas change over time. It also serves to illustrate the sheer diversity of the support services that we make available to the entrepreneur:- 

  • Converting the idea into a prototype. 
  • Tweaking the prototype into a market–ready, concrete product (hopefully a competition-killer, category defining one!!).
  • Developing a business plan.
  • Advisory support during the implementation of the Business plan. 
  • Building a lean, commercial, market-facing organization.
  • Assistance in locating appropriate financing sources as the business moves into successive financing rounds.
  • Advice and guidance in dealing with acquirers and other exit options.



In addition, there are certain crucial elements that are constantly in focus throughout the period that we are engaged with the entrepreneur:-


> The Team --- Building it, Retaining it, and Motivating it.


> Finance --- Watching the cash burn rate.


> Scanning the Environment --- Monitoring the technology and competitive landscapes for new ideas, product introductions, strategic threats, windows of opportunity etc.

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