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By their very definition, “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s) do not necessarily include “All Possible Questions” (APQ’s). In mathematical terms, the set of FAQ’s is generally only a Proper Subset (also called Strict Subset) of a larger APQ’s Superset. Please see the Venn diagram.



So in case your query is not included amongst the FAQ’s listed below, please do contact Kuruvindum with the relevant details.


And in the alternative scenario, please click on the FAQ below that fits your query best.


(???)  I have a great technology idea, haven’t yet made a business plan etc, but would like to take my idea further. How can Kuruvindum help me with this? 


(???)  I have already moved beyond the concept stage and in fact have founded my own technology-based startup. Can Kuruvindum finance my startup?


(???)  I need to know a bit more. Where can I get information on the way Kuruvindum operates, its objectives, investment preferences etc? 


(???)  I would like to invest in new ideas and startups. Where can I access information concerning associating with Kuruvindum as an investor? 


(???)  How do I get in touch with Kuruvindum?


(???)  Why does Kuruvindum maintain such a veil of secrecy over its operations, its investments etc?


(???)  Kuruvindum is certainly an unusual name and therefore maybe memorable too. But why this specific name? And what precisely does it connote? 




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