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Any person, body corporate, or any other legal entity that may be accessing this website should not construe the material on this Web-site or linked to this website through the use of “hyperlinks” and/or referred to in this website as a citation and/or in any other manner (all such material hereinafter referred to collectively as "this website") as an investment prospectus and/or as an invitation, solicitation, recommendation (by whatever name referred to) to invest and/or as any other form of communication seeking investments from Investors. This website is not an invitation or solicitation etc to contact us for capital or for any other association. This website should also not be interpreted as offering a definite promise, commitment, or intention etc to invest in any company, individual etc that may approach us for capital or for any other association with us.


Any mention, discussion etc of "risks", "associated risks" (or of any other manner in which risks are referred to) on this website is intended only as a general overview, and should not be construed as a complete disclosure of all risks or to form the basis for any investment decision. Similarly, any mention, discussion etc of "investment norms", "investment evaluation" (or of any other manner in which investment or the process of evaluating such investment or any other kind, type etc of association by us with other companies may be referred to) on this website is intended only as a general discussion and does not constitute a definite promise of such evaluation, investment or any other association.


The use of phrases such as "significant returns" or such phrases, words etc or any other mention of, or direct/indirect reference to, the quantum of return on investments (generally referred to herein as “returns”, or similar equivalent phrase), if any, is intended purely as a general, non-binding, non-contractual phrase usage that should not be construed in any different manner or meaning, implication etc.


Specifically, and without any loss of generality of other preceding/following clauses, such usage, mention, reference etc or occurrence of "significant returns" and/or other such words etc does not constitute any promise, indication, contract or guarantee etc of such returns.


It must be explicitly understood that Investments are inherently subject to risks of low or negative returns - in the latter case the negative returns could be up to 100% (minus 100%, meaning total loss of capital) also. Any and all risks that can or do lead, directly or indirectly, to low or negative returns on capital for the investor, whether or not explicitly or implicitly referred to in this disclaimer or in any other portion of this website, shall be deemed to form a part of the complete set of risks communicated to the Investor for his/her consideration.


Investors are strongly recommended to exercise utmost prudence, collate detailed information; carry out detailed analysis, projections etc to evaluate all the risks & rewards; and are also encouraged to consult a qualified and trusted Investment Advisor before arriving at any investment decision.  



Click here to access information for prospective  Investors (LP's) interested in investing through Kuruvindum.  


Want to explore capital availability from Kuruvindum for your innovative tech based start-up? Click on this link for Tech Startups


Kuruvindum assists smart people who may have a great technology idea but no business plan as yet. Click on the Nurturant link.  


To understand the Kuruvindum operational style and investing preferences, please go to  the Investment Philosophy section. 

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