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                                   OUR OPERATING TENETS


An often asked query --  Do we ever look at ideas or start-ups that have non-technology stories?


The answer -- We haven't yet. This does not preclude future consideration however -- but even then only in case a very compelling business opportunity can be demonstrated.




Certain other major tenets of our operating approach are listed below. Each tenet also has a hyper-link provided next to it (phrased as "More Info?") that can be used to access more details on the respective tenet:-



> Our preference is generally for a pure, passive investment role -- with certain caveats.   More Info?  


> We do not have any pre-delineated technology sectoral preferences.  More Info?    


> We do not have any limitations or guidelines regarding the geographical location of the technology start-up. More Info?


> We are generally not in a great hurry to monetize our investments.  More Info?   


> A quick turnaround time (from the initial contact to a final "Yes/No" decision) in almost all cases.  More Info?



The next page provides links to other detailed sections within this website. Please click on the link here ( Further Options ) to access this page.        




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