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                                  NEW INVESTOR INDUCTION   


Prospective investors often query us on our policies as regards induction of new investors (LP's).   


Investor (LP) addition typically happens when we are approached by such potential investors and if, at that point in time, we are seeking to induct new financial resources. An example is when significant large new investment commitments are under consideration and this capital would be useful to replenish our "war-chest" for these planned investment commitments.


Addition of new investors (LP's) can thus occur at any point of time. All such investors (LPs) share an investment relationship with us, and through us, with the technology-led companies we invest in. The succeeding pages in this section contain information for existing and prospective investors, including a summary discussion of investment-related risk factors. Intending investors are welcome to contact us for more information.




Interested in more information? Please click here to see a typical Investor Profile  . 




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